Acrylic prints for ads widely used in advertising industry today

Acrylic is widely used in advertising industry because of its beauty and good transparent characteristic, chemical stability, easy dye and processing.

Acrylic prints for ads

One of today’s top trends in the point-of-purchase display and sign & print graphics industries is printing directly onto a variety of substrates without having to laminate.


Digital UV flatbed printers have been growing in popularity and the cost of this equipment is now within reach of many of the producers in the US who previously couldn’t have afforded the technology.

However, one of the challenges with UV digital printing has been the media onto which you could print. The needs of the print industry are quite varied, and where paper and plastic films have always been the primary print media for roll fed print equipment, the desire to eliminate the additional stage of lamination, dye sublimation, or other transfer processor coupled with the ability to print on other materials directly has encouraged both print equipment manufacturers and substrate producers to work on solutions that are optimal for this task.

We print on transparent acrylic sheet, or color ink on back firstly, we also printing white ink, for the mirror effect will come out.

Our Acrylic printers use eco uv ink, and white ink printing is acceptable to the environment.